Super-ego (common usage) primarily is a component in the layer of Intrinsic Intelligence (Swayam) of the Self. This component represents CONSCIENCE formation. The characteristics of this Superego are Unique to the Self and its Origins. Superego has links to the Archetypes of the Individual’s Psyche.

Superego initially guides the regulation and audit of the Ego formation, as we experience the world. It lays down the Constitution for Individual’s Ego Integrity. This inner sense of Integrity translates into Intellects Choice of Ideologies and subscription to Beliefs or Belief systems in the World.

Superego also participates as a Voice of Dissonance and guides the Ego to Unchoose, Unsubscribe and Undo the impact of previous ideologies and beliefs of the Individual’s Psyche or Persona.

Superego, if not blocked or inhibited, channels and drives the formation of Morals (Morality) and maintain the distinctions between Morality and Immorality of Personality, its Conduct and Behaviours.

Superego, when blocked and depending on the level at which it is blocked leads to Disorder of Ego Integrity and Dys-regulations of Ego functions. These may manifest as Poverty of Self, Disorders of Psyche, Deficits of Persona or Disorganisation of Mind and Personality.

R V Caring ?

R V Intuitive !!

Superego, also thought of as the ‘Conscience’ guides the Ego Formation and Ego Integrity. Are we connected with our Superego? What happens when we block or inhibit?

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