EGO (Aham)

E-go is the layer of Intelligence that is acquired by the Self, Psyche, Persona and Personality; as a result or consequence of our Experiences. Experiences differ based on our Existential Realities. Ideally, Ego should be referred to as Extelligence, to differentiate it from natural and Intrinsic Intelligence of the Self.

E-go contributes to the expansion of Individuality, in the context of the Qualities and Diversities of the existential World. This Expansion of Individuality may be aligned with Self or divergent from Self or Psyche.

Initially, everyone was aware of their Intrinsic Intelligence (Swayam) from the Acquired Intelligence (Aham). Over time, this distinction became blurred, then confused and later mixed or merged. In many Individuals, the Extelligence of Ego became Integrated or United with the Self, causing Reverse programming and changing the Pristine nature of Self and Psyche.

Ego can corrupt the Core and lead a person to ‘Turn against the Self’; Harmful Change Integration.

R V Aware ?

R V Informed !!!

‘Ego’ a widely used terminology that mostly intends to mean ‘Pride’ or ‘Arrogance’. Do we really know what ‘Ego’ means? E-go contributes to the expansion of Individuality or corrupt the Core. R V Aware?

One thought on “EGO (Aham)

  1. EGO is Edging God Out. It not only corrupts your mi d, it will corrode one’s intellect. If one experiences that he is Brahman, ego will subside. Easier said than done!
    Kathopanishad beautifully defines Atama..using different arguments vividly…

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