Individuality is defined as representing ‘total character, peculiar to and distinguishing an individual from others; having unique characteristics and traits.’ These hold the Potentials that can make you distinctively you and distinguish your Self (Swayam) from others (Thwam).

Individuality of Self is eternal and drives the Free Will. This Drive of Energies (Id-entity) within the Self externalises and forms the Psyche. Thus, Psyche is born from the Action Potentials activated from the Self. Psyche can dissolve or transform if the Individual Self chooses to withdraw or inhibit the Energies of its Base state.

In-divi-duality is a process of serially manifesting the Core Potentials of the Self, through our Systems Resources as Psyche > Persona > Personality > Behaviours > Conduct.

R V Accessing the full potential of the Self ?

R V Transcripting the potentials of Psyche into abilities of Persona ?

R V Translating the Persona into Personality ?

R V Blocking the Self’s drive of manifesting its Characteristics ?

R V Fragmenting the Drive and Will which turns our Id-entities into fractured beliefs, disconnected perceptions !!

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