At-Tach-ment (Post Life)

Attachments persist in the Mind and Intellect immediately after a Life Term. But the Nature of the Attachment starts changing upon Death. Post- Mortem, the physical body changes and decays. Post-Mortal, the Mind and Intellect experience processes of Change related to DE-IDENTIFICATION from Biological and Physical body.

After Death (Post Mortal)

Self System experiences Lost Attachments and deals with the Encrypted Impressions and Impacts that a Mind has Internalized and carried in its Storage Spaces called Memory. Grief and Confusions involve processing these Memories and resolving the Impacts to regain Stability and Composure.

Lost Attachments are replaced by New and more Resourceful Connections.

Do we Identify, Balance and Re-cognize these processes ? Is Awareness of these processes essential to manage and Conduct our Unique sense of Individuality ? Life After Life, Life After Death or Deaths in Life; can we avoid these processes ? What do we need at such Crossroads of existence to Deal, Heal and Weal ?

Death is a Semicolon in the Evolutionary sense of Universal Life; Mind reverts to Original state, to Re-equip, Progress and Evolve.!

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