Zero represents a Space, not a state; numerically, digitally, astrologically or Psychically.

It can be considered a BASE STATE in any Space; related to the Original meanings and Verse.

Zero as a mutant word, traced backward as zevero (Venetian), zefiro (Italian), safira (Islamic), Sifr (Arabic), Zephyrus (Greek). Shoonya in Sanskrit. The Value of Zero can be de-ciphered by the de-scription of zero as a “Placeholder” and the mathematical concept of “Zero Morphism“.

At Birth, every aspect and feature of Creation (Krithi), our Self -> Psyche -> Persona -> Personality -> Identity are in this Placeholder space of Zero. In Thap-asya, our Self system touches this Space. In Meditation, the Self System is prepared or prepped to approach this space.

Experience and Existence introduces Morphisms and Changes to this Base state within our Psyche, Persona and Personalities. The Time at the end of the year (Shoonya Masa), at the end of the month (Shoonya Vaara), at the end of the week (Shoonya Diwasa) and at the end of the day (Shoonya Hora or Zero Hour) are auspicious or favourable periods.

To remove and reset the dysfunctional morphisms and changes to our Mind, Memories and Self:

R V Aware of the possibilities ?

R V Free to embrace the probabilities of Cipher ?

R V Bound to the Extroversion which block or prevent the return of our Senses to the Base States !!!

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