Adapted from Old Norse to English, Birth means the act or process of bearing or bringing forth offspring. Tracing the Word formations backwards, the Proto-Indo-European word form had three Roots – Bh + Ru + Thi; where ‘Bher‘ meant ‘to carry, bear‘.

Tracing words, back to origins often leads to common roots, like Sanskrit in above instance…I wonder if diverse identities of Human-kind can be traced to Common Roots and Cosmic Source anymore.!

Are we Ghosting as endlessly diverse formations, unaware of our common Origins; often turning against our Cosmic Sources.!!

Self as an entity, has an identity and an offspring from its Cosmic Source.

Psyche as conjuring of In-dividuality is an offspring of the Self.

Persona is Subconscious formations within our Awareness birthed by our Psyche.

Personality is the Conscious manipulations and manifestations, our Persona bears.

Humanity is the applications of Inner potentials in the context of the Social Conditions and Contexts.

Birthing seems to be a Serial Process and Continuous Act of filling, carrying and fuelling our Dreams and Intentions.

As an Individual Self, or as Nation, Bharath has been an Identity, an Entity and a Channel of Cosmic Will to bear the Change of Times; usher the seeds of New World Order.


Do we see our Birth as a product of our Past ?

Do we see our Birth as a Cause to the Future ?

R V Intro-Specting or lost in Per-Specting ?

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