Latin original Word ‘Idem‘ meant SAME; the traits that remain the same under different circumstances.

Freud brought the abbreviated term ‘Id‘ into psychoanalysis which means – the part of the Mind (Unconscious) in which the Innate, Instinctive and Primary Processes of the Mind Sprout. These Instincts emerge to intersect at the Subconscious layers of the Mind.

Self has the Core Identity with a Cosmic Imprint; which provides the Spiritual Idem, untouched or untainted by all the added, assimilated and acquired Identities and Id’s through our Existential Tracks and Lifetime.

Nascent Self is only aware of its energies that composes its Core. Psyche re-presents these Self Instincts into dynamic interactions with Matters of the Intellect (Thoughts) and Matters of the Mind (Emotions) and Matters of the Brain (Feelings and Sensations). After Birth, experiences of culture, religion, tradition, ethnicity, caste, socioeconomic status, education, profession, social associations, political alignments and so on, add to the layers and piles of Identities or Identifications.

Experienced Self has multiple Identity layers like a fully grown Onion, which needs enhanced management, awareness and equilibrium. The risk is the loss of connect with the Core Identity, which leads to Identity Diffusion.

Other forms of Identity Crises are experienced due to Internal Conflicts or Disruptions within the Psyche, Persona or Personality.

*Do we become so preoccupied with External Identities that Differences and Discrimination overtake our Awareness of ‘the SAME origins’ ?

*Do we compete endlessly and mercilessly to prove our differences and distinctions of ‘Id’ than the Sameness of ‘Idem‘ ?

*Do we carry hate, disgust or contempt as our ‘ID‘ to create Entities for War, Battles and Annihilation ?

Can we not carry enough Love and Peace as our ‘ID’ and become Divine Entities.!

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