Latin Word ‘lev’ meant “light in weight’. The word lev incorporated into other words like levitate, elevate, re-levant etc.

Metaverse: Light is the subtlest Energy pervading the Universe; subtler than Ether.

As the Parent Matter from the Universe, every grosser derivations and forms of Energies emerged from this Light. In Sanskrit, the word is JyothiSwaroopa. The Unseen, Unknown and Omnipotent essence above all Creations and Creative Senses.

While Absorbed and Merged in the Legion of Light, the Self, Psyche, Persona, Personality and Conducts appear as External Conduits. Every other manifestation of Light in Grosser forms including the Physical and Material World illuminated by Sunlight, is a Reflection of the Subtle.

As we celebrate the Victory of King Rama, who upheld the Spirit of Righteousness (Maryada and Purush-Uttama), we remind ourselves of the Respect and Love, voluntarily expressed by the Public (Praja) by Lighting Lamps on his return path to Ayodhya.

Dice 3: Light is the Life of the Universe; to Imperience within and connect this with the Experiences of the Sunlit World of Re-Legions.!

R-V-Imploring !!!

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