The Quality of being available to be chosen but not obligatory or mandatory.

This Quality implies Absolute Freedom of Choice; including the Choice of ‘Free Will’ and ‘Will to Life’. We apply this privilege in our Journey of Life in all Matters – of Soul, of Intellect, of Mind, of Body, of Environment. We even choose to Ignore our Inner Wise-dom.

Op (Greek word) meant ‘to work’. Opto (Latin) meant ‘I choose’.

Metaverse meaning is for something to work, pro-duce or be fertile, I must Choose with Free Will; unbiased, untainted and unprejudiced by external influences and impacts.

Optionality works in all realms, spheres and facets of Life; Self, Psyche, Persona, Personality, Conduct and our Relations with People and Things of Life.

One Intelligence that lives this Principle in Spirit is Consciousness.

Dice 2: The Unknown (Illusions) in the form of the Universe, God particle or Superconscious awaits our Will to be Chosen.!!!

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