Latin Origin of the word was ‘Illudere’ meaning ‘to mock’. English adaptation ‘Illusion’ meant ‘Deception’. The Original Latin word was composed from two meanings; ‘In’ (Against) and ‘ludere’ (Play).

Metaverse of these Meanings is: An Intelligence (Awareness) which is ‘Against the play’, ‘Mocks the Game’ and ‘Deception of Truth’.

The Mutant word, Ludus meant Game; the term LUDO means ‘I play‘. Similar to the Board game of Ludo, the Game of Life has some Structural facts (the Given’s), some Basic format (the Rules), some Fixed possibilities of Positive and Negative (the Events), and a Dice that is Dynamic and keeps altering Probabilities (the Fate). The Destiny is a constant, for all players; which is the Winning Dice and exiting the Game with Self Respect.!

If we lose Self Respect, we keep hitting the Board of Human Life, again and again till we regain our Original Perspective of the Self and its Destiny. The Dice is Eternal (infinite element), the Players are Terminal (finite parts), each Game is Mortal (Finite).

What you play and Why you play, relies on which part of your Intelligence / Awareness is involved in the Game; Self, Psyche, Persona, Personality or Behaviors. How you play is based on the state of Health of your Intellect, Mind and Body, which constitute your Free Will.

What ‘I’ am aware of is my Reality; All that ‘I’ am Unaware is an Illusion that Deceives, Mocks and Defeats the Wellness of the Spirit of Life, makes me Ill.

DICE: Rules are made for Man; Man is not made for Rules...!!!

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