French origin of the word from ‘Stere‘ meaning solid, not moving (or movable) type. This translates to mean, a Fixed image or idea of a person or thing with particular features or characteristic.

Linguistic meaning is, a standardized mental picture (Imago) which represents an oversimplified opinion, pre-judiced attitude or uncritical judgment.

Stereotyping is a type of prejudice because what we perceive on the outside (personality) is a small part of who a person is within.

Stereotyping can occur at the levels of Psyche, Persona or Personality and manifest as Behaviors in our Perceptions and Relations within families, society, culture, workplace, professions and environments.

Psyche externalizes the imprinted Characteristics of the Self’s energy drive. These energy types that Self carries, represent what Carl Jung called Arche-types. We as Individuals have differences and are not Equal as Self or Psyche.

Persona externalizes our Psyche-type through Beliefs, Ideologies and Perspectives. The Intellect plays a part in these processes and generates within us Schema-types.

Personality externalizes our Schema-type through Emotions, Feelings and Reasoning. The Mind plays a part in these processes of Mentalization and generates Imago-types.

Body externalizes our Imago-type through Sensations, Reflexes and Motor Actions. The Brain plays a part in these processes of Physicalization and generates Somato-types.

Can Universal Life force be comprehended through our Stereo-types ? Are we expanding our Awareness or reducing our functional Intelligence through Stereo-types ? Through our strongly held and rigid stereotypes, are we enabling or limiting the evolutionary Instincts of our followers, associates, pupils and children ? Are we Informed of the limitations of Stereotypes on our own Dynamic Potentials of the Self ?

Can Authentic Equity or Equality be accomplished through Tempering and Tampering of Minds in the name of Collective Unity.!

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  1. I did not know that stereotyping can be across our multiple layers and can tamper our psyche. Thanks for the crystal clear portrayal. Easy to understand and functional application

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