*De-Vorce or Divorce*

Vorce‘ as a word represents a core energy that influences ‘Allegiance’; bonding and keeping diverse elements or intelligences together and functioning with Complementarity.

Di-Vorce is the separation in bonding of two Intelligences to enable and respect the Pursuit of different Allegiances.

De-Vorce is the breakdown and disconnect from this Integrating Power which can be felt as a Void internally within our Mind, or as a Vacuum externally in our Social and Vocational relationships and environment.

Often, this Void and Vacuum are simultaneous experiences causing our Need and desperate motivations to fill, forget or compensate for this sense of Isolation.

Inner De-vorce processes may occur between the Self and Psyche, Psyche and Intellect, Intellect and Mind, Mind and Body, Body and Environment..so on and so forth. The effect is experienced as Dissociation, De-identification, De-personalization or De-realization.

External De-vorce processes may occur between Brain and Body Sensations and Stimulus perceptions from environment. Co-relations like simultaneous awareness of body, its actions and impact on objects may be blocked or diluted. The effect is experienced as Withdrawal, Failure of Excitement, Lack of Pleasure in Experiences, Demotivation and Avoidance.

De-Vorce, internal or external manifests as a state of Dis-organization, Dis-order, Dys-Rhythms in our Lifestyles; individual Life feels like a floater, drifter, stickler or wandering myth.

Are we aware of of Inner and External sense of Vorce ? Have we felt a state of Inner Bonding and Cohesions within ? Did those states fill the Void with a Gravity from Self ? Are Allegiance, Peace and Athanasia potential instruments of Healing ?

Why De-Vorces occur within the Self System and Ecosystems ? How can we overcome !!

*Athanasia here symbolizes Eternal / Immortal Influences.

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