Transactions VII

Trans-actions can be based on Fidelity. Fidelity is often seen in context of External relations and association; to a person, a system, an institution or organisation.

Fidelity is also a state of Internal Relations and Alignments; of our Identity, Self, Psyche, Persona and Personality.

Trans-actions based on Fidelity, which evolved from Faith are not a matter of Intellect, Reason or Sentiments. Faith is like an Open Contract, with no Terms or Conditions. Inner Faith is not Blind, it is rooted in a Core Sense of Connect called Oneness or Self Identity in Cohesion. Faith overcomes and outgrows Individuality; not a byproduct of Individuality.!

Fidelity based External Transactions are Collective Transactions; accomplished by a Group, a Nation, or Community.

Do we feel the possibility of such Transactions (Internal or External) anymore.? Does our Inner Sense of Fidelity continue long enough and stable enough, for us to retain the Awareness of Integrity.? Do the Tool kits, Techniques and All-go-rhythms, help us Re-align within, Connect Within.?

Fidelity within, opens Doorways to the Roots of our Self Systems; where HOPE Springs.!!! In Oneness, Transactional dynamics with RVI, ends….

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