Transacting VI

Trans-action can be based on Identity. For Psyche, the Identity originates from Self Image, Self Worth, Self Awareness and Individuality.

Identity linked Transactions are of many kinds.

Life force (Consciousness): Cosmic nature of such Identity is associated with a Sense of Existential Mission in Life.

Duty (Dharma): Self Identity and Character drives the Transactional Accountability in their dedicated Lifetime.

Purpose (Impact): Psyche and Motivation guide the Transactional Response-Ability in phases of Life.

Explore (Experience): Persona and Interests drive the Transactional Wishes and Situations of Life.

Probe (Experiment): Personality and Behaviours interact with existing environments and ecosystems to Test Life.

Purge (Expunge): Psyche, Persona or Personality releases acquired Knowledge to add Diversity to Lifestyles.

Reform (Change): Personality is geared to correct, upgrade or update Human ecosystems; enhance Potentials of Life.

Service (Volunteer): Personality and Conduct is to Implement and serve existing Institutions, beliefs and Systems.

Support (Facilitator): Personality, Behaviours and Motive is to help others Survive, Thrive, Grow and Accomplish Life.

Do we Sense a consistent Identity.? Does the Identity awareness resonate with Self Image.? Is my Pursuits stable or revolve around an Identity.? Do our Transactions keep me Aligned with Identity clearly.? Does bad Transactions with Environment and Society fragment or cause misalignment of Identity.? R V Lost, sometimes.!!!

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