From Old English, the Word teacher meant ‘show, declare, warn, persuade’. The old English word laeran was the Source for modern meaning ‘Learn’ or ‘Lore’.

From Greek Source, Paidos meaning ‘Child’ and Agogos meaning ‘Leader’ combined to form the word Pedagogy which refers to the teaching profession and the science of education.

From Latin, word education meant ‘a breeding, a rearing’ process and duco meant ‘I lead, I conduct’.

From Sanskrit, Acharya meant ‘one who teaches by their conduct‘ and leads by example.

Is Swa-charya (Living with Self) essential to be a Preceptor (Acharya).!

Is Inducation (a leading in to Self) as equal and important as Education.!

Is there a disconnect between these two aspects of Gyaan-vansh (Lineage of Knowledge).! Global Questions on Education Reforms raise questions on the System; employability of the Learners and the efficiency of the Teachers face Credibility and Trust Issues.

Has Contempt and Disrespect Split the Intent, Bond and Connect inherent in Teacher – Student relationships ? Has Pedagogy disappeared ? Are we Breeding Vigyaan-Vansh.? Is the Fragmented education system and blind race for Certifications, leading us into Discontinuing Lineages and Correlations.?

What would we refer to- Nihigogy or Agyaan-Vansh.!!! Where are the Vidya-dhar and Vidya-arthi ?

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