Setting Free

Freedom of Will is a concept, enabled to experience ones own Individual Senses (Individuality) and hence the Diversity of the Universe. Universe emerges Creativity and Diversity in the form of Worlds, Environments and Ecosystems.

At the Point of Origin, Freedom and Sense of Will were an option; to choose or not to choose was itself a Matter of Will for the Self, at the level of Consciousness.

Self choice to exist as Free Intelligence led to the configuration within Self as separate Identity yet aligned to Consciousness.

Self externalized this Individuation, by Willing to experience itself as an Idea, a Matter of Perspective, at the level of Intellect.

Self externalized this Ideal Image to experience itself as an Emotion, a Matter of Perception, at the level of Mind.

Self externalized this Emotional Image to experience itself further as an Object, a Matter of Somatization, at the level of Body.

At this End Point, the Self is externalizing the Somatic Image of itself, as Augmentation, a Matter of Digitization, at the level of Virtual Space.

Will is always in Free Setting mode; to experience any or all levels of Existence, or Re-set to Point of Origin, we call Home (Ashraya).!

Do we Have the Subjective Will to Seek Self-Truth ? Do we have Clear Objective Will to experience Matters of Externalizations and Virtualizations ? Where is our INTENT !!!

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