Letting Free

Free-dome, for those who practice this in SPIRIT, means ‘Being the Sky’. The Sky has unforeseeable Depth of Space and Expanse.

*Consciousness Creates and assigns the created, Free Will on a Lease, not with a Leash.

*Self operates this Free Will, on To-Let basis exercising and experimenting through the Intellect and Mind.

*Persona applies the Freedom of expending this Will on Experiences of Cause (from Intellect) and Emotions (of Mind).

*Personality conducts Transactions of Relationships with other people, environment and nature, with Conditional Freedom.

*Life-Term and Life-Choices impact the Consumption rate and the Expiry date of the Individual’s Lease on Free-bees.

If Free Will and Freedom is in ICU, one has to return to Consciousness to obtain a fresh Lease from the Free-Dome of the Universe.!!

Do we exercise care and caution in keeping our Will Free and Fair ? How do we manage our degrees of Freedom ? What do we do when our Will to Freedom, is at stake ?

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