INDEPENDENCE – A State of Mind

Manosthithi and Manosmrithi are two factors which define Temperaments of the Mind’s state. The Temperamental state of Mind which is also referred to as MOOD impacts our external perceptions and interpretations of Reality.

Independence is not merely FREEDOM. Independence becomes possible after Freedoms from Manosmrithi’s and Manosthithi’s. Multiple Hangovers of the past developmental experiences (evolutionary memories) create Temperamental predilections referred to as PRARABDHA.

As Individual Minds or as Collective Minds {Communities, Societies, Nations}, are we aspiring towards genuine Independence?

Are we slaves to our Prarabdhic states of Mind, merely reenacting and symbolizing the internal compulsions to repeat what we experienced in our Past ages?

Do we regress in the name of Progress !

4 thoughts on “INDEPENDENCE – A State of Mind

    • All resources needed to help the Minds from this situation (sthithi) is in place. There is a limit to how much Prarabhda and Vaasana the Mind can hold. Beyond that limit, the impacts start spilling out as consequences on our Mind’s health and Body’s health.
      Freeing up is a serial process. The preliminary step is to stop acquiring more dysfunctional attachments and exposures.

  1. Hi sir , loved this question on prarabhda . In spirituality , there is prarabhdha karma and like the fact that you are able to integrate spritual, philosophical and scientific knowledge to give a right meaning in our real life today ! .thank you !

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