‘Just a word or a Force of Spirit’. was the first query or response in my Mind. The word has been surfing across the internet web. and floating through the social media accounts seeking attention and reactions. Debates and newspaper write ups are drifting to dwell into different meaning and variants of historical interpretations.

Roots found in which Religion, which scripture or school of thoughts or the oldest reference and whether it is above and beyond all known religions and documentations of the Human era?

Going back to my primary school textbook gave me some root words and combo rules.

‘Sath’ means Truth. ‘Naathan’ means protector or Lord.

Combo Rule: Sath plus Nathan equals Sanathan; ‘th’ goes silent.

Without the Silence by the missing consonant, the original word would be Sathyanathan.

Are we Weaponizing the Word or the Truth! And in either way where is the Dharma?

A scholar’s reference indicated another way of re-pairing the word, as ‘San’ meaning Soul and ‘Athan’ meaning Age of.

Combo meaning is Age of the Soul.

In the current context of the world, does this discourse appear Purathan (of ancient age)!

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