AHIMSA (Non-Violence): Abstaining, Refraining and Sublimating the Resentments and Angst that forms in our Intellect, Mind and Brain.

Himsa arises from

  1. Desire to control people and situations as an act of Assertion and Superiority.
  2. Fear of losing importance or impulse of Self-preservation from threats.
  3. Outlet for Repressed emotions and vengeance to settle equations from Past.
  4. Inability to tolerate frustrations, disappointments, or unjust equations.


In a World which is as faulty, unfair, and corrupted as is now, it is natural to feel Frustrations, Anger, Disgust and Contempt.

Feelings, Emotions and Thoughts can be Raw or Sublime. Usually, the Raw emotions cloud our own ability to Sense the Sublime response of the Self. Sometimes, even when we relate to our Sublime Awareness, the Raw reactions would have enacted out, leaving us with Regret or loss of Self Esteem.

Ahimsa is not a passive state of Non-Response; It is not an Excuse for Cowardice.

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