Relate means ‘to connect’ or ‘to associate’ in a certain way. The Constituent words ‘Re‘ means ‘Again’ and ‘late‘ means ‘at the end of usual or due period of time’. Late in Death means, something or someone who has Ceased to exist.

Persona formation occurs since birth and proceeds through different phases and forms of Connections and Associations which we call BONDING and ATTACHMENTS. Each Phase ends and re-forms again into another Level or Way of Re-lating.

Infant relates to mother through Impulses. Child relates to Nurturer through Feelings and Temperaments. This Changes in Youth with addition of Reasoning and Presuming (Concrete Logic). Adult starts Deducting, Analyzing and Inferencing with Assumptions (Abstract Logic).

Personality manifests its attempts to Connect with Family, Society and Environment through four LEVELS of Relating.

Matters of Physical and Biological Sensing and Reflexing.

Matters of Mind and Emotional Sensing and Reacting.

Matters of Intellect and Cognitive Sensing and Reasoning.

Matters of Self and Intuitive Sensing and Spiriting.

Positivity and Negativity are WAYS based on Contents we upload, Keep and Carry within our Inner Domains.!

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