Judge‘ originates from a Latin word, which meant ‘Oath’ , ‘Inquiry’ or ‘Inquest’. Judging has now become synonymous with evaluating evidences. Worse is Judging is often concocting evidences and facts to Prosecute.

Persona formations is a result of two processes; Internalizations and Externalizations of Impressions and Experiences.

Intellect imports Ideas and exports Opinions resulting in Ideological or Character based Judgements.

Mind imbibes Emotions as Images and exhibits Feelings resulting in Imagery or Reactive Moral Judgements.

Brain receives Sensations and expresses Behaviors resulting in Facial Micro-expressions and Body Languages.

Eyes see the material evidence to correlate the circumstances with psychological motives and Intent.

All these Sensing domains together participate in Inquiry to Seek the Truth. Until, we own up the Response-Abilities and the Integrity of these four Domains of Persona, how can we Deserve to Serve the Oath to Truth.!!!

Judging on the basis of mere external evaluations is shallow and at times a form of Revenge. Does it not foreclose our inner sensitivities and Sense-abilities to rise above our own Personal Pre-judices.?

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6 thoughts on “Judging

  1. Very relevant topic and Very Well explained.
    It is true that when you judge people , you put a full stop to love. It is good to not proclaim judgement unless you do a 360 degree evaluation.

    • Very Relevant point brought out. Love gets bound within the Conditions our Mind applies. Conditional Perception then makes us proclaim Biased judgements, Blocking us from proceeding to a 360 degree evaluation.

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