Pervert adapted from Latin word ‘pervertere’ meaning ‘Overthrow / Overturn.’ Other meanings ‘to corrupt, abuse, contrary, abnormal etc.’ Represents a wrong turn or turn away from what is right or good.

Matters of Psyche, this means behaviors which are morally, ethically or socially unacceptable.

Matters of Persona, this means Deviations from the Original Base Instincts, a betrayal of Self.

Matters of Intellect, it means loss of fidelity or loyalty to own Belief / Perspective.

Matters of Mind, this represents contradicting Emotions by Opposite feelings.

Matters of Personality, this means exhibiting (Conduct) and Relating in Abnormal, Wrong or Bad ways.

PerVersions are the basis for the Mis-Representations of Self, Psyche, Persona, Personality and Interpersonal Relations. The Degree of Perversions from Mild to Severe determine the Consequences and Damage to the INTEGRITY of the SELF System.

See also: Diverting , Personality

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