Pre means Beforehand or in Advance; Paring means to remove the thin outer layer (surface) of something or to gradually reduce the amount or size of something.

Psyche has a collection of Impressions from Life Experiences. These Impressions form many Layers of Information, called the Memory Data. These are stored in a distributed format in the Domains of Intellect, Mind and Brain. Memories are processed and Pared and only the Core Impressions (Metadata) are passed on to Self.

Persona has a collection of Expressions from Life Experiences. These Expressions form many levels and types of Information called Working Memory or Random Access Memory (RAM). These are stored in ledgers called Reason, Feelings and Sensory Memory of Brain.

Overload of Information around us in the Environment (Infodemia) or Excess Impressions and Expressions within us (Info-deluge) leads to Blocking, Clogging, Confusions and Contradictions. These may happen at the Realm of Self, Psyche, Persona or Personality and is the basis of Brain Fog.

Pre-Paring helps us to selectively shed excess of information and experiences unrelated to the individual’s situation and pursuits. It helps us to stay resilient, balanced and composed. it helps us to avoid manifesting Anxieties, Panics, Agitations and FREEZE when Response-Abilities are required.

SELF Cleaning and Clearing is an important and unavoidable Strategy in our Life’s Journey.

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