Pre means ‘Beforehand‘ or ‘In Advance’. Pairing means ‘to Connect‘ or Associate in an arrangement which functions as a Match. It can be between people, person’s or things.

Match is expected to operate with sense of being Compatible, In Sync etc. The process of pairing is also called ‘Coupling’.

Persona before Baby’s Birth is usually in Sync with the Mother’s Persona. Their Mind’s Sync during Pregnancy (Gestation Period). The Infant retains this Rapport from Pairing and continues its attempts to expand and extend further Bonding at the level of Biological experiences and Physical behaviors.

Self can be but may not be Pre-Paired between two Persona, in this World. Soul-Mates have a Pre-Pairing at the Realm of Self, which drives their Search and Seeking for the Other.

Psyche represents these Instincts and Drives, which forms the Basis for Intuitions. Intuitions help Psyche to Pre- Pair the Intellect with Mind and the Brain. This Pre-pairing is essential for the Individual’s Awareness of Cohesion and Integrated Sensing.

Pre-Pairing of the Intrinsic Intelligences within our System is the basis for a United and Wholesome Persona. This is essential to Manifest a dynamic and charismatic Personality.

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