Re-sponse Ability

Re-sponse‘ from the Latin root words spond & spons which meant to PLEDGE & ANSWER.

Re-sponse is an Act which constitutes a reply or a reaction to an external Context, Situation or Circumstance. We Re-spond to a change or event that Excites us, individually or as a Group. Awareness of the present context, being devoid of prejudices and assumptions helps re-spond effectively to the context or event.

Psyche represents the Potential ability of the Self to respond to our Matters in the Intellect, Matters in the Mind and Matters in the Body. Medium of this Reaction is Intuition.

Persona receives the Intuitions from Psyche as Instincts and converts Thoughts, Emotions and Body Reflexes. At these stages the Sensing and Acting are usually Unconscious and Subconscious parts of our Awareness.

Personality expresses the Beliefs, Perceptions and Sensory-Motor reactions to the Stimulus in our Environment that excites us. This part is usually Conscious Awareness and within Voluntary control of the Individual or Group.

Confidence, Courage, Motivation, Intent and Will are the Activators of our Potential ability to respond appropriately. Clarity is a Necessity. Confusion, Ambivalence, Dissonance, Dilemma and Fear are De-Activators (Inhibitors) of Re-spons-abilities.

In a Healthy Psyche and Persona, which is in Order and a state of Wellness, these Activators and De-Activators determine how well the Self-System can be Operationalized to Act in the Context of our Existential Realities. When the Deacivators are proportionally high, the Person is Aware, “I have a greater Potential within me, but I am not able to live up to it.

Operational Deficits lead to problems like Procrastination, Day Dreamers, Floaters, Drifters and Fantasy Mavericks.!

Re-sponse Ability is two fold: towards inner intelligence (introversion) and towards our surroundings (extroversion)

Re-sponse Ability is linked In to clear and consistent sense of Account-ability.

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