Accounting meaning in French Origin was based on ‘to count‘; in Latin Origin based on ‘computare‘,which means to sum up or Reckon.

In Psyche, Accountability meant the Obligation to explain, justify and excercise Response ability for the Actions, Choices and Performance. This can be as Individual or Group.

In Persona, Accountability means the ability to be aware of the Cause and Effect, to think and Prune (cut out) Dysfunctional and Disordered Instincts and Cognitions.

Of Intellect, Matters of Ideas, Beliefs, Perspectives and Thoughts which are Negative or Positive and against the nature of Psyche, needs Summing up.

Of Mind, Matters of Emotions, Desires, Temperaments, Frustrations and Baggages of Betrayals and Loyalties needs Reckoning.

Of Body and Brain, Abuse of Environment and Natural Biological Creatures and our Lifestyle choices needs to be counted and Computed.

If we do not pass the Buck (Shift the Response-ability) to any one or anything else, Who are we Accountable to ? We have all the Records and Balance Sheets within the ledgers of our Self-System.

At each Domain of our Inner Universe (Consciousness), we have the Innate ability to Account, Audit, Correct and Charter our Course of Life. Does this need the interventions of Akashvaani’s, Bhavishyavaani’s and Akashik records.?

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