The Integrated and Unified Self, lived up to its complete Potentials, manifested Personal Creativity as Gods, Masters, Heroes, Pioneers, Visionaries and Genius. They participated in Diversities of Creation, yet they Diverted to the Integrity of Original Self, which is Self Realization and Self Actualization. Self Realization ends the Perfecting, Blocking, Censoring, Deflecting, Perverting, Reflecting, Infecting, Afflicting, Inflicting, Pretending, Defecting, Selecting, Ignoring, Seeking, Judging, Relating, Preparing and Searching.

Self Realization begins where the Science of Psychology Ends.

Self Realization ends the Term for Personal Life-Tracks and Life’s Track and Field Experiences.

Self Realization begins on one Condition:- Unconditioning and Undoings based on Response-abilities and Account-abilities of the Life, the Individual’s Free Will has Chartered.

Self Realization ends with Expanded Awareness, where Terms and Conditions DO NOT Apply.!!!

Self Realization takes us to the Silence of the Persona and Mind, away from the Tik-Toks of the Current Time.

Self Realization Pre-Pares us after a Term of Life Cycle; Pre-Pairs us to begin a Next Term of Life Cycle.

Self Realization Terminates the influences of this Day’n’Age and Emanates the Influences of New Dawns of New Age.!

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  1. Thanks Dr. RVI. This is profound and integrates your previous articles.. Would like to understand more about ‘self realisation begins where science of psychology ends’..

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