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The Concept of Yoga: Yoga, literally interpreted as Union, is not a single goal or product. Yoga is a process, a continuous process of INTEGRATION.

The Process is like gathering various elements (Aggregation) required for building a house, then putting them together in a synchronous and productive arrangement (Assimilation). Within our Self System, we tune up our Intrinsic as well as Acquired Intelligence, the numerous faculties of our Body, Mind, Intellect, Soul, and external aspects of Living (Lifestyles) to rebuild a higher Identity (Composition).

Why do we need this Integration.?

In a musical instrument, we adjust the strings in relation to the other, to have a perfect concordance between them. The note from each string is in harmony (Sura) to produce music. If in disharmony, the Noise mode is Asura.

Similarly, our Self’s existence compromises of various elements. Our Psyche is a re-presentation of the Self. Our Individual Persona is an extension of the Psyche. The Persona too has its composites- Body (Sharira), Mind (Manas), Intellect (Buddhi) and Soul (Atman). The Unit formed by the Mind, Intellect and Soul is the Subtle component of our existence called the Astral Body or Sookshma Sharira. You may correlate this to some of your experiences that feel like ‘telepathy’ or ‘sixth sense’. The extension of the Astral body as the Latent Intelligence, into the Physical body animates our Biological Existence.

The Interface, Connections and Interactions among the above internal realms or dimensions is experienced by us as the resultant Individual Awareness at the Brain and Neuro-biological levels.

Externally, our Individual Personality is a string in the instrument called Family. When the members are tuned harmoniously to each other, each persona emanating the note of mutual respect and regard; the instrument of family produces the music of fulfillment and prosperity called Home. When many families unite and co-exist in peace and love, it per-forms the instrument called Society.

The expansion and synchrony of successively wider blocks of life namely, the community, states, nations etc., help us to experience wider dimensions of Life and create the symphony called HUMANITY.

How is Well Being or Wellness connected to Integration.?

The process of Integration and Trans-mutation of Individual Awareness by experiencing the Superceding levels of Collective Consciousness may be called Expansion in Consciousness or Yoga. This Concept is the basis for the Precept of Oneness or Advaita in Vedic Lexicon or Verses.

Our Individual Peripheral Awareness of Biological Senses transcends from the experiences of Multi-verses and multiplicity (I and them /those) to less diverse Sensing called Plurality (I and these), to least diverse Sensing called Duality (I and Creation), to Singular Sensing of Uni-Verse called Oneness (I and Creation are in Uni-Son).                                            

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