The process of Yoga is gradual (graded), as in the case of a baby whose organs and movements gradually evolve and integrate to establish co-ordination among themselves to function in Unison.

There are four main Paths of Realizing Yoga. These paths are intended to suitably help the human beings of differing Natures and Temperaments.

Raja Yoga: Path of Sharing Universal Discipline, Order and Superconscious Influences. For this, Silence of body, mind, and intellect (Balanced Self-System) Matters.

Jnana Yoga: Path of Sharing Genuine knowledge, deduction, Inferencing and Discernment. For this, Balanced Intellect Matters.

Bhakti Yoga: Path of Sharing Devotional Love; transcending lower order feelings by Sublimating with Higher order emotions like Compassion, Devotion, Unconditional Acceptance. For this, Surreal and Stable Mind Matters.

Karma Yoga: Path of Sharing Service to Creation; Honest, Positive, Goal Oriented Action to serve humanity and nature around us for elevation and Wellness. For this, Compassionate Mind and Healthy Body Matters.

Which ever Path, the Final Destination is ONE; the Re-Union.

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