Maybe One Day…

Why can’t I follow more than one religion? Why can’t I celebrate festivals and cultures of all religions? Why can’t I do that without being seen as a traitor to my own religion by many? Why would I be looked down upon when I wear my choice of clothing? Why should I be judged for my physical appearance? Why can’t I just be MYSELF in front of everybody without expecting a negative remark from someone? Why is it ok to openly discriminate against other human beings for petty ordeals? Why is it ok to kill other people without even a thought? How can we claim to be the most intelligent creatures on Earth when the other beings are greater than us?

The tears I shed are not for my own sadness, for my heart aches at seeing the state of our world.

Maybe One Day we will live in a world where we don’t fight for religion. Where no one is forced to follow a religion against their will. Maybe One Day we can be OURSELVES without discrimination and prejudice. Maybe One Day we will live in a world of peace and joy and harmony amongst one another. Maybe One Day a child can be who they are and have their own thoughts instead of being fed by their parents’ mindsets. Maybe One Day we won’t kill and discriminate against each other and just live together peacefully. Maybe One Day, our lives will change, but not yet has that time come. Maybe One Day.

Maybe One Day…

— Risanah

3 thoughts on “Maybe One Day…

  1. May be like the Master Sri Ramakrishna paramhansa we too after several reincarnations realize that caste,creed, religion,gender, language and nationality etc are delusive entities and it doesn’t matter which religion one practices doesn’t matter,all religions essentially takes one to the same highway of Spirituality which alone matters and without any man made barriers or fetters.

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