How to deal with COVID-19 Anxiety

Anxiety is the less intense emotional expression of fear. Anxiety is felt as vague, continuous, anticipation of a threat, and over caution.

What are the Effects ?

On Mind: This causes inability to concentrate, poor attention on task, frustration, irritability, taking longer to execute the task, inability to relax, inability to fall asleep or maintain sleep, feeling emotionally drained easily.

On Body: Nervousness, heart beating faster, tension or dull ache in the muscles, discomfort or unpleasant feelings in stomach, headaches etc.

Sources of Covid-19 period Anxiety ?

Fears of Infection, being asymptomatic carrier, passing on infection to family members (specifically children and elderly), not getting timely and appropriate healthcare, complication or worsening of pre-existing health conditions, stigma by friends and society, losing job, paycuts and reduced income, future management of household commitments, asset management, retirement planning, legal conflicts due to non-recovery of monetary deposits.

How to reduce or deal with Covid-19 Stress and Anxiety ?

Social: Maintain distance especially when talking face to face with another person. Avoid handshakes with strangers.

Physical: Washing hands every time you return from outside home. Take shower twice daily (morning and evening), if possible. Wear a clean cloth mask every time you go out of home. Wear clothes made of natural fibers preferably (cotton etc).

Biological: Upgrade your Immunity. Drink boiled water with Ginger and Turmeric , Saffron with milk. Do floor exercises , Yoga and ‘Suryanamaskar’ for better muscle tone and strength. Moderation is the key. Do not overdo even if it sounds healthy and natural.

Mind: Avoid aggressive debates and agitating confrontations. Practice Pranayama every morning for 10 to 15 minutes. Meditate for 28 minutes daily, or for 7 minutes minimum, for inner calm.

Reason: Manage Infodemic. Too much information is unhelpful overload for Mind. Limit information by choosing your trusted sources. False information is toxic to Intellect.

Healthcare Access: Keep a list of local area Health centers / Health workers, approved for Covid related telephonic consult or treatments. Keep your contact with Primary care physician or General Practitioner.

Financial re-structuring: Look for safe and better options. Re-financing of loans, reforming business models, revise to moderate investment and returns expectations.

Acceptance and Adaptation: Disruption and losses hurt, but being stuck in Past hurts more. Minimize loss by exiting old ideas and comfort zones. Fresh opportunities and New possibilities is the only way forward towards the ‘New Normal’.

Spiritual Beliefs: Stay honest to your core inner beliefs. Atmanirbhar (Self Reliance) first requires Atmabodh (Self-Awareness) and Atmavishwas (Self-confidence).

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