Emotions and their Potential Series – Part 1 of 9: Reinforcement and Engagement

Basic Instincts and nature of our Mind is to Emote. Primary Emotions (like Primary Colours) are Hope, Despair, Love, Fear and Hate. Virgin Mind (Innocent as an Infant) is aware and recognizes mainly these Primary Emotions.  

Secondary emotions (Expressions) are formed by mixing and blending of different primary emotions (like Secondary Colours). Affection, Surprise, Anger, Lust, Pride, Disgust, Contempt, and Greed.

Our Mind experiences the World, right from when we are in the Womb (about 5 months as fetus). Mind links to the Mother’s states of Mind and experiences the primary and secondary states of Mothers emotions. Psyche-Social Interface begins in the Womb.

Mind experiences the Nurturer’s Mind as a newborn baby. Primary emotions are at play. Motivations are based on satisfying hunger, comforts of touch and reciprocation of emotions. Sub-emotions are experienced. Warmth of Love, Despair of Sadness, Happiness of Hope, Anger of Hate, Anxiety of Fear.

Matching of emotions expressed (Subjective sense) and emotions received (Objective sense), create a sense of Resonance. When Happy meets Happy (Coupling), it multiplies like it happens during ‘First Love’ or ‘Teenage Love’.  Similar matchings between Despair – Despair, Warmth – Warmth, Anger -Anger create an experience of Amplified (Heightened) feelings. Despair increases Despair. Anxiety increases Anxiety. This is called Re-enforcement effect. We feel “wound up”.

Positives Reinforce Positives. This is the basis of Positive Psychology.

Negatives Reinforce Negatives. The basis of Negative Psychology.

What Primary emotions are part of my Motivations? What sub-emotions do I express and experience? What happens to me when my feelings are reciprocated? What happens to me when my feelings are not reciprocated? Do I have a Choice over my Amped up feelings? Do I hide my true emotions and just fake some feelings? What Saps my feelings and emotions?!

The cycle of Coupling (Engage) and De-Coupling (Disengage)!! I Frustrate while Life Bewilders.

Next in series: What Saps my feelings and emotions?!

3 thoughts on “Emotions and their Potential Series – Part 1 of 9: Reinforcement and Engagement

  1. This article teaches how to identify what are the different emotions?
    Correlated so simple with colours, the questions in the end of the article really helps to identify how we mix and match or in other words enforce and engage with different emotions to get different emotions. if right emotion is attached to the right one will obtain right response

    • Awareness of our Inner Emotions and how they play out towards our Engagement with persons, our environment and our work in this Society, helps to Know What we are Reinforcing Outside of our Individual Mind. Very Simply, Know Your Mind (KYM) before doing Know your Customer (KYC).

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