Emotions and their Potential Series – Part 8 of 9; Entitlement, Causality or Casualty

Entitlement, as per diction is ‘a sense of belief and right to expect more than what one deserves or earns.’
In my view, Entitlement comes from earning or encroaching a Title. The Game of Thrones enacted in the name of Authority is good enough example of Encroached Entitlement.

Titles can be earned by various ways. Respect, Merit, Trust, Love, Excellence. Titles can be encroached through Fear, Persecution, Intimidation, Self-Exaltation, Illusion and Deception.

What does one seek through Titles: Power of Response Ability or Power of Self Gratification?

Mind and its Elements are our Reserve Bank of Intelligence. Our Instincts, Traits, Impulses can be energized by Life Force to operate in three modes. Reason, Silence and Universal Consciousness.

Virgin Mind starts its existential Journey from within the womb of Universal Consciousness. At the onset of Life, each Mind’s Self-Instincts are in synchrony with Consciousness. The Instincts determine Traits and Impulses which form the extended Individuality called Self-Character. The Base Characteristics of the Mind determine (Will) the predominance and balance of emotions and temperaments. So far. So Good!

The Confluence of Energies (Rajas, Tamas, Sattva) adds to the predisposition of Reasoning Capabilities, also called Tendencies. Tendencies guide the make-up and form Persona. Persona has attributes and this is the basis for Persona types. Narcissism, Antisocial, Dependent, Aggressive, Histrionic etc. Intraversion and Extraversion are Attitude types.

Where does Title begin? Are Titles bestowed by Universal Consciousness? Did the Self-Instincts (like Genes) inherit Superiority? Did Character determine Merit and Heightened sense of Self? Did Tendencies make me more competitive and deserving? Did Attributes of my Persona earn the Respect, Love and Trust? Does my Personality earn regard for Merit and Excellence?

Encroachment of Titles based on Casino of Greed, Lust, Anger and Exaltation of Image is False or Negative Entitlement; Entitlement without a Genuine sense of Self or Self-Love. And ‘I’ Vote for these !!

Is Quest for Power and Fame often a cover up for deep seated sense of low Self Worth and Inferiority ?

2 thoughts on “Emotions and their Potential Series – Part 8 of 9; Entitlement, Causality or Casualty

  1. The last line of this article really caught my eye and mind … quest for power and fame and relation to low self worth and inferiority.. this article is a self check.. how far we moved from the real self to false.. good article doc

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