At-Tache-ment (of Life)

Tach‘ (Archaic noun), means a device, like buckle, hook etc for fastening or joining two parts together. ‘To Tache‘ means to Buckle or Clasp to unite.

During Life and Death, the Processes of Joining, Uniting, Separating, Disconnecting and Moving apart Continue.

Life begins with Attachements; of the Mind first and proceeds by Attaching to Physical body, Things, Environment etc.

Within the Life-Time

Self System experiences Mis– Attachments, Dis-Attachments, Mal-Attachments, Norm-Attachments and looks out for Ideal Attachments. What unfolds is the consequences of Mind’s detailed experiences of the material phenomenon. The Phenomenon is called Coupling-Decoupling; a kind of Union & Dis-Union at the level of Human Relations.

Many of us choose to maintain Un-Attachment states, to avoid detailed consequences of Attachments (positive or negative). Such Minds and their personalities are seen as being Aloof, Avoidant or at times Introverted in temperament.

Periodically, Person chooses to Quarantine their Self, Psyche, Persona, Personality or Lifestyle from further external Exposures, to protect from escalating Attachments.

Periodically or in specific Adverse Situations, Person chooses to Quarantine and turn Inward to Silence or Heal their Self-System.

Do we Identify, Balance and Re-cognize these processes ? Is Awareness of these processes essential to manage and Conduct our Unique sense of Individuality ? During the Transformational phases of Life, can we avoid these processes ? What do we need at such Crossroads of existence to Deal, Heal and Weal ?

Death is a Semicolon in the Evolutionary sense of Universal Life; Mind reverts to Original state, to Re-equip, Progress and Evolve.!

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