De-Tach-ment (in Life)

‘To Tache’ means to bind or clasp to unite. De-Tache means to ‘disunite‘, untie or a process of separating. Separating, Disconnecting and Moving apart result in a sense of ‘feeling aloof’ and objectivity towards what was once a part of United entity or being.

The suffix ‘ment’ indicates this as a process ‘in the Mind‘ and mental means ‘of the Mind‘.

Within the Life-Time

De-taching can occur at multiple realms or levels. Physical life begins independently at birth, when the Umbilical Cord is detached from the Womb which nurtured the baby. Many Cords or Bonds are formed between the Mind (and its Desires) and other Minds, Things, Objects and Environments for engaging in Life experiences. Mental Bonds are reversible or breakable.

Attachment and Detachment phases are two sides of a Coin.

Self system experiences Detachments from desires, emotions, feelings, likes, thoughts and beliefs that were experienced before. The trigger for this process may be Saturation of Mind or Unpleasant nature of the experiences.

This Shift in state of Mind and its Awareness levels reflects as Change in Interests, Change in Motivations, Change in Seeking new experiences etc.

Detachment is easier in those aspects of Life where our Mind is less attached or unattached. This is harder when the degree of attachment is not moderated, is severe or very dependent.

Detachment is not merely disconnect from external reality, relations, responsibility and experiences; Detachment is Multi-domain and Transformative, where the process involves expansion of Self System to multiple levels of Awareness.!

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