Death (Trans-formational Sequence)

Dearth and Death are experienced by our Minds; through our Brain and Body. The Self System experiences the impact of Extra-Personal experiences, in different degrees and severity.

Attachments, bonding, belief, Identification etc in our Mind’s relations with people, objects, possessions and environments determine how Dearth and Death of Experiences are processed and resolved.

Death manifests as Loss, Shock, Denial, Flooding, Grief, Shame, Guilt; resurgence of Insecurities, loss of emotional composure, feelings of vulnerability of Self, failure of Survival Instincts can be some of the immediate Impacts.

Death is not just a Physical body phenomenon. Mind and Brain experience Death in many ways during a Lifetime.

Inter-personal: Human Relations undergo dilution, dissolution, meaning-less, di-vorce; feel like dead relations.

Vocational: Passion and skill based professions undergo disinterest, disengagement, lose motivations; turn dead.

Purpose: Sense of mission and pursuit of Cause and Effect in Life recedes, becomes Illusion; beliefs are dead.

Dreams: Young Mind’s Zeal, Enthusiasm, Creative bursts to replace and reform subside; spontaneity is dead.

Courage: Environmental, Relational and Systemic adversities required to Survive, wane ; Intent is dead.

Conduct: Everyday needs of our Mind and Body to wake up organised, dissipate; Appropriate Behaviours are dead.

Joy: Mind’s and Brain’s need for the experience of pleasure in the Acts performed, machinate; Happiness is dead.

Mind, Brain and Body need Connects called INTEGRATION; if not, Life exists as NEARLY DEAD.

Is Death a Period (Full stop) or a Semicolon ? Is Death an End as well as a Beginning ? Do we Expand our Awareness to Sense the other side of the Coin ? Does Dearth and Death indicate the tipping points towards our Pre-Personal states ? Does the Trans-formations in Birth and Death represent a cycle of Condescending into Human Form and then Ascending back, Above and Beyond !

The Flip Side: When Hate dies, Love Blooms. When Mistrust dies, Faith Sprouts. When Contempt ends, Respect Resumes. When Ignoring stops, Acceptance Starts. When Past leaves, Future Enters.!!!

When Darkness and Di-visions Resign; are we reverting to Intuition !!!

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