Meaning ‘turning away’; ‘estrangement‘; a state of being an outsider or being isolated, as from Society. Also interpreted as a withdrawing or separation of a person or person’s affections from an objective world view or position of attachments or detachments.

Latin word Alienus meant ‘belonging to another’; the idea gave rise to ‘not fitting in’. The mother of these wordnets was Alius meaning ‘other’ or ‘another’.

Consciousness: Fountainhead of Creative Space, where Self is Indented with Cosmic Energies and Sense. All inclusive and everything and everyone ‘fits in’. No Alienations. No Identity.

Self: Core of Individuality, where Identity and Intent are generated with Specific Characteristics, not necessarily equal or similar in Instincts. Psyche are Unique and different. Alienations begin. Identities separate.

Psyche: Core of Functionality, where Universal processes are aligned and in equanimous state with Diversely different Selves and Systems. Alienation increases. Identities differ.

Persona: Core of Meaning (Purpose), where Perspectives and Beliefs emerge from Psyche and transform into Thoughts, Ideas and purposeful Themes and Plots. Alienations multiply. Identities are narrow and shallow.

Personality: Core of Desires (Attractions), where Perceptions are a byproduct of Reasoning between Persona and Environment. Experiences determine, impact and reshape Identities. Alienations maximize. Identities are splintered.

From the Source of Consciousness, which owns and assigns all resources, including the quality of Cosmic Free Will to the Self; outward Sense of Align-ments (fitting in) decrease and the Alienations (not fitting) increase. As Alienations outbalance Alignments, disconnects occur in Psyche, Persona and Personality levels. Hence Arises, Illusions to fill the gaps and spaces from disconnects.

Integration, Yoga or returning to Spiritual Base of Self is the Eternal Solution to the story of Alienations.!

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