Nasci-on Versus Births

Nasci‘ from Latin meant ‘to be born’; and Nascion indicated the process of being formed, shaping up. Nascent indicated the immature state during the formative stages, before existing as a formed product during Birth.

Birth does not symbolise Origins; Birth indicates the circumstances, location or context into which something or someone is manifested.!

Births are meant to ‘Break Free‘ from the Bondage of Past, that imprison our Mind; to ‘Enlighten‘ the Present Colonisation of Mind; to Pursue the Wilful and Dutiful Experience of the World.

Nasci occurs when Consciousness Intends. Intelligence springs forth; as a spark of Light.

Birth occurs when Individual yearns and Wills . Energies drive Expression; as a Desire of Experience.

Along this Spectrum formed by Kru-sna (Creators Intent) and Tru-sna (World of Desire); the Spectre of Life unfolds in Diverse forms, that fluctuate with Time (Kaal) and re-present as matters of the Age (Sna).

For those who seek Clarity of Nascent INTENT and for those who seek Objectivity of DESIRES……..

HAPPY JANMASHTAMI….Prayers to help your Endeavours.

*Do we ever feel stuck or stagnant at the Nascent stage of Self ? *Had we thought of our Identity as being fleeting or Transitory ? *Have ‘I’ wondered whether my attempts to Birth my Persona seems to buffer in ‘As if’ state of Mind; ambivalent, shallow, existing yet not fully maturing ?

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