Life Force begins from Consciousness, which is part of our Core Intelligence. Just like the Nucleus which forms the Core of every Cell.

Self is Unique, by the Energies it carries and the Character Instincts it represents. Just like the Chromosomes within the Nucleus.

Psyche is Individualistic, by the Instincts that predominate and the Process it generates. Just like the Cytoplasm in the Cell.

Persona is Specific, from the Influence of Dynamics and the Functions that arise between Instincts and Contents (Experiences). Just like the RNA in the Cytoplasm of Cell.

Personality is Interactive, from the Modified manifestations between the Inner Functions of Persona and the External Interactions with Environments. Just like the Membrane / Wall / Shell / Spikes around the Cell.

From the early beginning as One Cell (with Consciousness) in the Womb, Life force proceeds to its expansions, multiplications and diversifications. Through Challenges, Imperfections and Instincts that Course Corrects, the organism evolves as it navigates through various levels and phases of confusions and cry-ses, to complete the Journey of Life Cycle.

Life Forces and Life Cycles pass through various Round-about; where old roads die and new roads emerge.

Do we take the Appropriate Turns in our Viral Life-Spans!!!

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