Life represents innumerable Paths. Each path has processes to navigate through, milestones to validate movement and goals to indicate Progress.

Each Path we take involves a Sense of Direction, Sense of Exploration, Sense of Uncertainties and Hope of Uncovering Novel (New) Experiences.

Paths Cross in the Matrix of Life.

Individual’s paths, Community’s paths, Nation’s paths, System’s paths etc. These Crisscross creates opportunities and challenges for our Mind and for the Path it has originally Chosen. At each Intersection with other Minds, their Lives and their paths, our Inner Senses are exposed to possible influences, internalizations and Infections which can Mutate or Alter our Inner Senses and Unique Original Awareness.

At each Junction of Crisscrossing paths of the Mind; we experience Basic Fear and Base Anxiety about possible Change. Change can be in our Sense of Direction, Change in what we set out to explore, Change in Expectations of Certainty and Change in Hope of Pleasant Novelties and Surprises.

Each Change throws up Anticipation of Right or Wrong, Lost or Found, Good or Bad turns in Life. We seek Signs and Signals for assisting our Mind’s Choices; whether we seek these within Self or from Signals and Signposts outside.

If we Ignore the Red Lights within Self or on Roads we travel, Cross-Roads become a Crash Course with Containments, Violation fines and perhaps Confusion of Mind and its Senses.

Perspectives are required to navigate through such situations. Balanced Perspectives arise from access to Self Instincts and Objective evaluation of the Crossroad, before we jump Ships or change Paths.

Do we know or Realize our Paths ? Did we Choose to stay and persist on the Paths ? Did we Modify, Deviate or Lose our Direction at any of the Intersections of Mind ? Were there Junctures of Mind, at which Experiences altered our Awareness, positively or negatively ? When Hopes dimmed, did we Connect with our Self or Guide to Restore Mind’s Life-tracks !!!

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