Being Free

Nothing Explainable; yet there are some internal and subjective factors involved.

*Free does not mean disconnected. Free means having a greater degree of Individual bandwidth.

*Bandwidth of Individuality represents two factors; Will and Self Determination.

*Self Determination and Free Will combine to produce Nascent (pure) Intent.

*Intent represents a Voice of the Self; Core Inner Voice (AthmaVaani).

*When this Athma-Vaani, pervades (fills up) and prevails over the Persona; its Thoughts and Feelings resonate like a Tune (swara).

*Athmaswarabhara means a Self System of Thoughts, Emotions and Behaviours that resonates with the Inner Voice.

*Athmaswarabhar is the approach of living life Inside-Out (Imperience); uninfluenced unduly by the clutters outside and Free from the Noises of the Experiences of Existential Living.

Do we care enough to safeguard our Freedom of Inner Voice, Intent and Self Will ? Do we abuse or misuse our freedom often, to depreciate our Athma-Swara-bharatha mission ?

Being Free is first an Inner Response-ability, before an entitlement to external privileges and expectations of Freedome!

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