Adapted from Latin Word ‘Demens‘ which according to dictionary meant ‘out of one’s mind’. Current re-described meaning is a disease of the Brain (Neuro-cognitive) or disorder of the Brain (Neuro-degenerative).

Mentium‘ meant Mind and ‘de’ means ‘without’. Mentation involves processes of the Mind. Mind-fullness or Mind-lessness refers to Range or Spectrum of Awareness within the Mind. Awareness can expand or shrink in range.

De-Mentia means reduction in the potentials, processes and normal operations of the Mind and its Cognition. These reductions and shrinkage result from excess compartmentalisation, blockages and imbalances in the flow of vital energies between different parts of the Mind.

Brain reflects the Neurocognitive changes like Memory difficulties (formation of new memories and recall of registered memories); Language processing delays causing slow comprehension; Distortion of perceptions and misinterpretations (like hallucinations or delusions).

Progression of Brain cell damage due to changes in cell metabolism and functions causes disease of coordination of movements and walking (gait). Behaviours become uncoordinated and dis-inhibited in certain cases depending on severity and location of damage to the Mind and the Brain.

During the degenerative phase of the brain and the cognitive functions, it is quite common to misinterpret the individual’s state to be perversive or stubborn. Usually this causes misunderstandings and emotional distress to the individual as well as family/friends and often leads to delay in approaching medical/therapy help.

De-Mentia like presentation is sometimes seen in situations like severe Depression and certain medical conditions. If these psychiatric, psychological or medical conditions are treated and resolved, Mind and Brain recover to normalcy from this Pseudo Dementia situation.

Timely evaluation of the Nature and Type of Deficits helps in Guiding appropriate treatment, disease Course and Outcomes.

The nature of the Mind and the Brain are interconnected in profound ways. It is time for Humanity and our health systems to embrace a multi-domain and Integrating approach to diagnostics and treatment.

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